Permanency of every comment, post, or tweet

The sheer longevity/permanency of every comment, post, or tweet can’t be reinforced enough, in my opinion, whether it’s to employees or students. In fact, that’s why I have not attached my name to this blog. It’s not that I think I’ll post objectionable content, rather I’d prefer to share my opinions and thoughts privately.

At any rate, I’ve come across an interesting video detailing two new apps in production right now that may start to change the privacy landscape.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and entrepreneur, is creating two new apps, one of which will make texts “self-destruct” and the other that will, among many other things, allow one to erase tweets with the push of a button.

While it’s promising that there are some potential fixes for past social media “mistakes”, I’m not going to stop discussing social media and some of the damaging effects with my employees.  As a workplace trainer of leadership skills, my students play a dual role as employees and this topic fits in nicely with performance management and change management workshops in particular.


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