Flipped classroom and student creations

I found an article mentioning a few methods that are being used close to home, at UBC. Flipped classroom, student created assessments and student created learning items…  I’d like to try this as I truly believe that you learn best by teaching!

A physics professor at UBC has used a flipped classroom model for several years for an introductory physics class, including pre-readings that had online quizzes before class. As Jose Antonio Bowen’s Teaching Naked  discusses, multiple choice questions are well suited for foundational knowledge and an effective way to encourage preparation before attending a class.

He utilized media to assist his students learning by asking them to create assessment items (multiple choice questions) using the tool PeerWise.  This was successful in engaging the students in the reading. He didn’t just stop there though, he started asking his students to come up with learning items. This way, they could pick something from the readings that they found challenging and engage with it by figuring out a way to teach it to their peers.

They were able to use any virtually any method.  Students made videos, “clicker” questions, PowerPoint presentations, screen casts or any other media that they wished to.  Once sent to the instructor, several were chosen to use in classes or tutorials.

What a great way to have the students engaged and imbed the learning, particularly for a topic that originally challenged them.  I believe it was the Roman philosopher Seneca who said “While we teach, we learn”.  As well, allowing students the creative license to choose whatever method or media they wanted to, would increase interest.  The use of media in this sense also creates an inexpensive and easy way to utilize in the classroom with large numbers of students!

I will try this next time I teach a multiple day workshop.

Is this something that you might try? Why or why not?


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