Augmented reality…

Check out this short (7 minute) movie called Sight- it’s a bit disturbing as it shows a future world where Google Glass inspired apps are used.

So much for privacy- as you can “see” in this clip, information about a date and their preferences is “within sight”…

Of course, being in HR, I “see” the potential for interviewing candidates while at the same time reviewing their online profiles, any online assessments they’ve taken (maybe even those “fun” ones taken on Facebook). Hmm, the possibilities are endless.

Maybe in person interviewing will also be a thing of the past…

“Augmented reality can be defined as the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment – all of which is displayed in real-time. AR is a kind of virtual reality which aims to duplicate the environment in a computer device in order to create a visual system, which effectively blurs the difference between the actual world and its virtual augmentation.”

It looks pretty much like we’re destined for part reality, part virtual reality living…I think I prefer reality…


Lass, Weronika. “The Future of Augmented Reality: Limitations, Possibilities and Hopes.” Emerging Education Technologies RSS. N.p., 13 July 2015. Web. 13 July 2015.

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