MOOCs offering recruitment services

As an HR professional, I find it intriguing that Coursera is now in the recruitment business.

Coursera was started by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012 as a MOOC that gives free online access to courses from a variety of educational institutions around the globe.

I’m not surprised that they are incorporating a revenue stream by matching employers with their students, as they do need to fund the venture.  I was pleasantly surprised that they don’t just match based on grades, although that’s certainly a component, rather they have stats on students and the number of other students they have assisted in online forums as well as tracking valuable contributions to courses.  Valuable in this context means that they were voted as such by fellow students.

I do see this as concerning though.  Students may focus on the outcome rather than the process.  What will give them the best chance at a high mark, as opposed to challenging themselves to try something that will stretch them and help them learn, but which may result in a lower mark.

Helping others on forums I think is a better way to assess collaboration, cooperation and the spirit of fostering excellence in a team.  Before my PIDP courses I wouldn’t have thought that peer teaching was effective…but now know it is! In Hattie’s meta-analysis, cooperative learning and peer tutoring were .59 and .55 respectively.

Enjoy Daphne Koller’s TED talk too..



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